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Tom Ingram: “Whatever we are, we’ve done well to be consistent” after Croft turnaround

Tom Ingram has come away from Croft with only six points to championship leader Ash Sutton. Ingram does not ‘really get how though’.

The weekend looked bleak as the NAPA Racing UK cars looked to have the pace on the whole field. After Ash Sutton retired in race three Ingram is putting together a great championship.

“We seem to be, I don’t really get how though, that’s the mad thing. We just seem to be getting literally, seems to be the old pointsy thing. We seem to be there or thereabouts every weekend. I don’t think we’re doing anything revolutionary other than just showing, you know, the importance of being consistent.

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“We’ve got 10 podiums this year or something to do that out of 18 races. Whatever we are, we’ve done well to be consistent. We’ve got a bit of work to do for Knockhill but you know, I think we’ll be strong there if we can just keep doing what we’re doing.

“Most importantly just focus on ourselves, keep making sure that we do a good job and not get worried about what anyone else is doing.”

After leaving the weekend with the same points gap to the top as he entered it, could Ingram not call the weekend a good weekend?

“Yeah of course it is, I don’t know if it’s necessarily that we’ve made progress or Ash hasn’t made progress. I don’t know which way to look at that, it just shows the importance of being there and thereabouts.

“I can’t see Ash making another mistake now for the rest of the year, he’ll probably just realise the pace advantage he’s got and probably just stroke it home from here on in.”

Despite saying there is work to do for Knockhill, Ingram is confident the team has what it takes to be right up at the sharp end once again.

“Yeah I think so, it was an alright circuit for us last year so we’ll just focus on doing the same thing, I think the most important thing is just focus on ourselves and we’ll
be fine.”

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