TOCA reduces maximum hybrid boost for Brands Hatch races

TOCA has announced that it will reduce the maximum hybrid deployment time for all cars for this weekend’s British Touring Car Championship races around the Brands Hatch Indy circuit.

Due to the short nature of the circuit, the maximum boost has been reduced from 15 seconds per lap to 10 seconds, which will be applicable in the races only.

In qualifying, the maximum boost time will remain at 15 seconds per lap.

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The change is also likely to be implemented for the similarly short Knockhill and Silverstone National circuits, although this is subject to confirmation pending the collection of data this weekend.

The hybrid boost available for qualifying and the opening race this weekend is calculated based upon championship position. Therefore, Tom Ingram will have the most laps (15) without hybrid for race one.

Working down through the top ten, the boost available in qualifying for each championship position increases according to the following scale:

No boost (1st), 1.5 secs/lap (2nd), 3.0 secs/lap (3rd), 4.5 secs/lap (4th), 4.5 secs/lap (5th), 7.5 secs/lap (6th), 9.0 secs/lap (7th), 10.5 secs/lap (8th), 12.0 secs/lap (9th), 13.5 secs/lap (10th), 15.0 secs/lap (11th onwards).

In the races, the scale is based on laps without hybrid, again according to the following scale from the championship leader onwards:

15 laps without hybrid (1st), 13 laps (2nd), 11 laps (3rd), 9 laps (4th), 9 laps (5th), 5 laps (6th), 4 laps (7th), 3 laps (8th), 2 laps (9th), 1 lap (10th), No restrictions aside from opening lap (11th onwards).

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