Davit Kajaia says black flag in race one caused by ‘series of...

Davit Kajaia says black flag in race one caused by ‘series of unfortunate events’

David Kajaia
Photo: TCR Media

PCR Sport’s Davit Kajaia was in the middle of the action when the fight between Alex Morgan, Luca Filippi and Mat’o Homola reached its top. The CUPRA driver said he had nowhere to go and couldn’t avoid the clash.

The stewards subsequently fined Kajaia with a drive-through penalty. The Georgian never served the penalty and received the black flag.

“I started from 18th so I was able to watch the mess unfold in front of me. I am happy that I made the right decision with regards where to place my car, so I was able to gain six positions. Compared to qualifying the car was in perfect condition now. I had a much better pace during the race and want to thank PCR Sport for that”, he summarised.

While he watched Alex Morgan, Luca Filippi and Mat’o Homola fighting, he could see the cars “touching and and suddenly Morgan’s car got in front of my way. There was no way I could have avoided that crash. In my opinion this wasn’t my fault because Morgan got pushed and as a result got in my way.

When I received the drive-through penalty my radio didn’t work. I saw the other warnings way too late. I immediately stopped the car after the black flag. It was a series of unfortunate events.”

Kajaia now sets his focus on tomorrow’s race and added: “Starting from 18th on the grid, it will be a challenge to stay away from any trouble but I will try my best and aim to gain as many positions as I can.”