Dušan Borković banned from TCR Europe after Red Bull Ring incident

Dušan Borković banned from TCR Europe after Red Bull Ring incident

Dušan Borković
Photo: TCR Media

Dušan Borković has been banned from further participation in the TCR Europe series after an incident in the paddock following the second race at the Red Bull Ring last weekend.

Borković stormed off after being taken out of race two, remonstrating with Team Personnel at M Racing and showing ‘inadmissible behaviour’.

The stewards initially disqualified the Serbian driver from the event, but he has now been handed a more serious ban, with the promoter saying he is ‘no longer welcome to the TCR Europe events during the current season’.

The initial stewards decision said that Borković displayed ‘inadmissible behaviour in the parc fermé after race two, pushing a woman on a car, trying to tear off the front left door in order to reach the driver of car #25’.

Borković had been under observation following another paddock incident at Monza last year, when he threw punches at team members of then-title rival Mikel Azcona.

The statement from TCR Europe also said that “due to the fact that he has again lapsed into this behaviour after the events that occurred at the 2018 TCR Europe event at Monza, he will be also reported to the relevant National Sporting Authorities and the FIA.”

Series promoter promoter Paulo Ferreira added: “We took this action with regret, but had no other choice. As the Series Promoter, we cannot remain as mere spectators of this unfortunate event.

“Violence cannot go unpunished in an event that is open to the fans and covered by the media. Very often the drivers are the models for young people who wish to enter the world of motorsport and it is precisely because of this philosophy that we can no longer tolerate aggressive behaviour.

“We tolerated what happened in Monza last year, with the aim of giving a second chance that in our ethical code is worthy of being given to those who repent and apologize for their mistakes. But now the time for tolerance is over.”