Mazda linked to TCR programme with new Mazda 3

Mazda linked to TCR programme with new Mazda 3

Mazda 3 Hatchback 2019
Photo: Mazda

Mazda has been linked to a TCR programme with its new Mazda 3 according to sources in Australian media, where TCR’s worldwide rights holder Marcello Lotti was recently in attendance at a TCR Australia event.

The programme, which according to Auto Action has been given the green light from Japan, is reportedly being spearheaded by the North American Mazda Motorsports division.

WSC Group President Marcello Lotti recently attended the TCR Australia event at Phillip Island, where he spoke with members of the Australian media about potential new manufacturers joining the global TCR ranks.

“New manufacturers are preparing to develop new cars,” said Lotti to Auto Action. “One for the next season is a brand I cannot tell you the name now, but I’m sure it could be really good news for Australia.”

Elsewhere, MG has announced a TCR project for its domestic Chinese market, whilst the FIAT Tipo TCR, which has seen sporadic outings in Italy, is continuing to be developed by the Tecnodom Sport outfit.

The news also comes off the back of the recent launch of the TCR Japan series, which is likely to increase the interest from Japanese car manufacturers into the TCR concept. At present, the only Japanese marques to have a TCR car are Honda, having been a long-time supporter through Italian partners JAS Motorsport, and Subaru, through the Italian Top Run Motorsport company.