Honda Civic FK2 and LADA Vesta get BoP adjustments

Honda Civic FK2 and LADA Vesta get BoP adjustments

Photo: TCR Media

The previous generation Honda Civic FK2 TCR and the LADA Vesta TCR have been given an immediate change to the TCR Balance of Performance [BoP] for this weekend’s races.

The Honda had been subject to the same 97.5% engine power output as the newer FK7 variant  but it had now been given an increase to 100%. The minimum racing weight has, however, been increased by 20 kg from 1,305 kg to 1,325 kg.

The LADA Vesta TCR, which to-date only competes in Russia, although may also be seen in Germany, has been handed a 60 kg weight increase to take its running weight from 1,295 kg to 1,355 kg. The car, which has seen success in Russia, will also face a 10 mm ride height increase to 80 mm, bringing it in line with the majority of other TCR models. The maximum rev limit has also been reduced from 6,750 to 6,700 rpm.

The changes will be device immediately from this weekend’s TCR Russia races at the Kazan Ring.