Moffat: Contact with Proctor was a ‘racing incident’

Moffat: Contact with Proctor was a ‘racing incident’

Photo: PSP Images

Laser Tools Racing’s Aiden Moffat was left disappointed with fifth in race two after contact with Senna Proctor’s Vauxhall dropped him out of the lead in a frantic second British Touring Car Championship round. 

The Scotsman initially led a pack of slick-shod runners in a sensational second race, and battled with Proctor before making contact at Druids, putting Moffat into the barriers and demoting him to fifth.

“I went very slightly deep in, it wasn’t enough to really cause any issues as to getting the car stopped and turned,” Moffat told TouringCars.Net.

“But in the mid corner I got a very small nudge from behind from Proctor – and that put the front left onto the wet line, and that’s what ultimately led to the impact because then I had too much understeer and no traction.

“That then led to the contact.”

The pair then collided on the exit of Druids, sending Moffat into the barriers, whilst Power Maxed Racing’s Proctor went on to win the race.

“The incident itself was a racing incident but it all stemmed from being nudged mid-corner.

“So I’ve not really got any complaints with the incident but it was through his nudge that caused it all to unfold.”

Proctor, the BTCC’s newest winner, explained the incident with Moffat from his perspective.

“I went in behind him and I was on his bumper and I didn’t push him I just followed him, said Proctor. “And he had a bit of a twitch and he went wide.

“That was that. It was a bit of a hectic race, it all just happened very fast – I never made contact with him, but yeah it was just a great race.”

Despite extensive cosmetic damage to his Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Moffat believes the car will be fit to race in the final round of the day, which he will start second on the grid alongside reverse-grid polesitter Rob Austin.