‘No upper limit’ on entries for new TCR UK Series

‘No upper limit’ on entries for new TCR UK Series

Photo: ADAC / Gruppe C

There will be ‘no upper limit’ on entries for the new TCR UK Series in its inaugural season, according to promoter Jonathan Ashman, with the series now also confirmed to be running as a standalone series.

Much like the successful ADAC TCR Germany series, TCR UK will not feature an upper limit on entries. Grids in Germany have been as high as 42 cars so far in 2017, whilst in the UK the British Touring Car Championship currently limits grid sizes to 32 cars.

The new series had originally been mooted to run as part of the British GT championship support package, with enquiries having taken place with the organiser of the championship. However due to the high level of interest, with more than 50 serious enquiries from teams and drivers, the decision has now been taken for TCR UK to be a standalone series.

TCR UK plans to use the same sporting regulations as the TCR International Series, with a two race per weekend format and a qualifying split into two segments.

If grid sizes are as high as the initial interest suggests, then a ‘Plan B’ would see qualifying followed by two heats plus ‘A and B Finals’.

The key driver behind the ‘Plan B’ option is to ensure that everyone who has a valid entry gets to start two races.

No details about the 2018 calendar have yet been revealed, with it also being undecided as to whether six or seven events will be held.