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Extra weight for Honda, SEAT and Volkswagen TCR cars

TCR racingThe Honda Civic, Seat León and Volkswagen Golf GTi TCR cars have been given extra weight for the first round of the 2016 TCR International Series, which kicks off this weekend in Bahrain.

The move, which is the first to be announced in 2016, comes as a result of the recent Balance of Performance [BoP] testing which was carried out in March.

It means that the weight of the Honda and SEAT cars increases by 40kg from 1,285 kg to 1,325 kg, whilst the Volkswagen increases by 30 kg from 1,285 kg to 1,315 kg.

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The new Opel Astra TCR cars, along with the new Romeo Ferraris-built Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR, have been left at the minimum weight of 1,285 kg as stipulated in the TCR technical regulations.

Meanwhile, the Subaru STi TCR has been handed a 20 kg weight break, meaning it will start the season with a permissible base weight of 1,265 kg.

The lightest cars in the field will be the older-specification SEAT León cars entered by Bas Koeten Racing, which will run at 1,250 kg due to being fitted with a DSG gearbox instead of a racing unit.

No other changes have been made, allowing all cars to run at full power. The TCR technical regulations state that the engine performance may be changed by electronic components, but this has not been implemented at this time.

Further changes to be BoP may be made over the course of the race weekend.

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