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Top Run TCR Subaru completed and ready for testing

Top Run Motorsport has completed its first Subaru Impreza WRX STi for the TCR International Series, ahead of the car’s planned début in Singapore in September.

The car completed its first shakedown yesterday (27th August) and will complete further testing at the hands of drivers Roberto Russo and Gian Maria Gabbiani.

The car will make its début in Singapore at the Formula One supporting night race on the 19th and 20th September, where it will be the first TCR-spec saloon car to compete.

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Top Run’s General Manager Renato Russo explains that the development of the car has involved input from many people around the world, with the project also having the blessing of Subaru bosses in Japan.

“It’s a new, very interesting championship,” said Russo. “I think Marcelo Lotti has a revolutionary idea and these races have globalization features – that’s why I said it’s a very interesting championship.

“In Varese we are working hard, making a car projected by STI with 4wd and front-wheel drive. So there’s plenty of work, more than for other cars of the series. In England they are working on the roll-bar and the bodywork reinforcements, and the other car is in Genoa, where all the spare parts are installed to enlarge it and add it more quality, with carbon fibre and many things.

“The gearbox is coming from Australia, the dampers arrived from Japan. There’s heavy work, but many people are helping us to do our goal; reaching the first race in Singapore.”

“The Japanese are confident in Top Run, the Varese people, and the Agnello brothers. There is Japanese official support because they trust in the exclusive development made by the experience of the Agnello brothers. All the engineers are working in Varese with Agnello brothers.”

“We’ll do a track test at a tiny circuit near Top Run team’s factory in August. Later, with the car in optimal conditions, we’ll have a whole test day in the famous Monza circuit, at the same track used by TCR during the May round. This way, we will get the times to compare whether the car’s levels are competitive and satisfying.

“Then, if we like how the car goes that first week, we’ll send it with the spare parts by plane to Singapore to the first race.”

The addition of a pair of Subarus to the grid means that the total number of manufacturers represented in the TCR series will grow to six, with SEAT, Honda, Volkswagen, Opel and Ford also represented.

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