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Tom Coronel: ‘Returning for 2014 not easy’

Tom Coronel has admitted that returning to the World Touring Car Championship in 2014 will not be easy, after the Dutchman scored a podium result in his 200th race in the series in Macau.

Coronel has been entered into every WTCC race since the series inception in 2005, failing to start just four races in 2005, 2008 and 2011. The ROAL Motorsport racer has taken four wins in his time in the championship, with three coming at the wheel of ROAL BMWs.

Coronel admits that the incoming regulations for the 2014 season, which will see the introduction of more aggressive and faster cars, will mean securing the necessary budget to compete at the front will be difficult.

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“A long winter is upon us, because returning in the FIA WTCC for next year will not be easy,” admitted Coronel. “Budgets are significantly bigger and we know that BMW will not build a car for the new regulations. As ROAL Motorsport has strong links with BMW, switching to another brand is not an easy thing to do just like that.

“Nevertheless, I remain optimistic and I will work very hard to be racing in this category again next year. It will not be easy, but I am really considering this as my challenge for the upcoming months. Anyone interested in supporting me is more than welcome to get in touch.”

Having finished his final race in the ROAL BMW with a podium, Coronel was pleased with his weekend’s work, especially due to the potential for accidents and bad luck.

“Here, more than at other circuits, you are also dependent on what other drivers do,” explained Coronel. “These races always attract a lot of competitors and these are not always the people you are racing with all season long. Because of these larger grids, there are more cars on the track, so you have to adapt your strategy accordingly.”

Having finished the seasonb with a podium in his 200th race, Coronel added: “A good result and a trophy in which was my final race with the ROAL Motorsport BMW. Being on the podium after the final race of the season is always good.”

Tom Coronel Macau highlights:

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