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WSC Group publishes first names eligible for the 2024 TCR World Ranking Final

WSC Group has published the first list of drivers who are eligible for the 2024 TCR World Ranking Final, which is set to take place early next year.

The list excludes drivers occupying the top 15 positions of the TCR World Tour, and is based on the ranking points each driver has earned from competing in various national, regional and international championships over the past two seasons.

65 drivers have been allocated in Priority Lists 1 and 2, occupying the positions between 10 and 80 in the TCR World Ranking system (excluding drivers in the top 15 in the points for the TCR World Tour).

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Drivers have until 6 November to confirm their participation in the event, which is to be held over four days at a yet-to-be-revealed venue, with WSC.

Only 45 places from the two lists are available for the TCR World Ranking Final, meaning that any drivers in Priority List 1 who do not confirm their place will have their places taken by the drivers in Priority List 2.

Priority List 3 will be decided at a later stage, featuring wildcard drivers selected by a committee of representatives from WSC Group and the TCR car manufacturers, so long as the drivers are already ranked in the TCR World Ranking system.

The full details are as below, with the World Ranking position in brackets:

Priority List 1

Kevin Ceccon (10)
Niels Langeveld (11)
Mat’o Homola (12)
Franco Girolami (13)
Ignacio Montenegro (16)
Kasper H. Jensen (17)
Nicolai Sylvest (18)
Bruce Winfield (19)
Isaac Smith (21)
Jan Magnussen (22)
Jack Young (23)
Mike Halder (24)
Juan Manuel Casella (25)
Martin Andersen (26)
Jac Constable (27)
René Kircher (28)
Adam Shepherd (29)
Raphael Reis (31)
Alex Ley (33)
Bartosz Groszek (34)
Nicola Baldan (35)
Fabricio Pezzini (36)
Kevin Engman (37)
Michael Markussen (38)
Salvatore Tavano (39)
Gustav Birch (41)
Bailey Sweeny (42)
Will Brown (43)
Nathanaël Berthon (44)
Carl Boardley (45)
Marco Butti (46)
Robert Dahlgren (47)
Petr Čížek (48)
Ruben Volt (49)
Josh Files (50)
Michele Imberti (51)
Sebastian Steibel (52)
Gilles Magnus (53)
Silas Rytter (54)
Chris Smiley (55)
Denis Babuin (56)
Felice Jelmini (57)
Lewis Brown (58)
‘Hirobon’ (59)
Lewis Kent (60)

Priority List 2

Tobias Brink (61)
Josh Buchan (62)
Adam Kout (63)
Jáchym Galáš (64)
Jonas Karklys (65)
Aurélien Comte (66)
Viktor Davidovski (67)
José Manuel Sapag (68)
Jenson Brickley (69)
Bradley Hutchison (70)
Dmitry Bragin (71)
Andreas Bäckman (72)
Philip Lindberg (73)
Davit Kajaia (74)
Aaron Cameron (75)
Rubén Fernández (76)
Jordan Cox (77)
Harry Gottsacker (78)
Jay Hanson (79)
Galid Osman (80)

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