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Tom Ingram: “Absolutely raging with myself” after mistake costs pole at Donington GP

Tom Ingram never made it inside the top 20 throughout practice but feels a “stupid mistake” cost him pole on the GP circuit. “I lost 4 tenths at the last corner mate. I went purple sector 1, purple sector 2 and lost 4 tenths at the last corner.”

Despite the uncertain practice performances, Ingram showed some Saturday pace that we have not seen for some time. Even with a front row performance the reigning champ has “kicked myself for a few hours”.

“The positives are that we’ve closed the gap, we’ve closed the deficit enormously.” Ingram told TouringCars.Net. “The car’s feeling good. Genuinely the car’s feeling like I’ve got a chance again, which is nice.

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“It’s just felt like we’ve been on the back foot all year trying to play catch up, watch and follow them around, wait for them to make a mistake. Whereas today it’s actually felt like we’ve had a car capable of qualifying on pole and being a very good race car. So they’re the positives out of it.

“The negatives are unfortunately soft squidgy bloke behind the wheel messed up in qualifying and cost us all a pole. So I’m really kicking myself. Although it’s great, we’re in great shape.

“I’m absolutely raging myself for just a stupid error, a stupid, stupid mistake that shouldn’t have happened. Yeah, one of those, I’ve kicked myself for a few hours, sort myself out and make sure we’re in good shape for tomorrow.”

Even though the #1 driver is not fully pleased with his performance. He is ready to go “maximum attack” on Sunday.

“I am, look, I’m stood around with a face that could turn the milk sour, but I am actually pleased with it. But yeah, we’ll be alright when it comes to race day tomorrow. I think we’ve just got to try and go maximum attack until it comes.”

On top of this the EXCELR8 driver has found his Sunday pace at the right point in the season, boding well for the remaining races.

“Exactly right. So if we can carry on with that for the remaining two, remaining two qualifying sessions of the year, then we’ll be in good shape.”

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