Hungaroring in negotiations over WTCR postponement due to Coronavirus

Hungaroring in negotiations over WTCR postponement due to Coronavirus

Néstor Girolami
Photo: Clement Luck / DPPI

The Hungaroring is in negotiations with Eurosport Events, the promoter of the FIA World Touring Car Cup, over the possible postponement of the season-opening event next month, citing concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

The Hungarian declared a state of emergency on Wednesday due to the outbreak of COVID-19, despite the country having had relatively few cases of the virus compared to its European neighbours.

The season opening WTCR event is scheduled to take place at the Hungaroring, just outside Budapest, from 24 – 26 April.

A statement from the circuit confirmed it was in discussions with Eurosport about the date of the event, in light of recent government advise.

“Due to the current international situation Hungaroring Sport Zrt. has thoughtfully started the negotiations with the international promoters of WTCR and ETRC on the possible postponement of Super Racing Festival originally planned for 25-26 April.

“Negotiations and consultations are still under way.

“Regarding the 35. Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, scheduled for 1-2 August, it is too early to take any measures.

“Our company prepares to organize the event, however, we continue to consult the Hungarian government’s coronavirus task force and the Chief Medical Service regarding all our events including the F1 GP, and we enforce the measures taken by the government today regarding outdoor and indoor public events.”

No information has been released by official WTCR channels to-date, with negotiations ongoing with the Hungaroring.