Alfa and Opel get weight break in TCR BoP changes

Alfa and Opel get weight break in TCR BoP changes

Kevin Ceccon
Photo: Clement Marin / DPPI

The latest modification to the TCR Balance of Performance will see the Alfa Romeo and Opel cars get a 20 kg weight reduction, whilst the Honda Civic FK7, Hyundai i30 and Lynk & Co cars gain 10 kg.

WSC Group’s technical department has issued the latest change for immediate application, with the 20 kg reduction for the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce and the Opel Astra dropping their minimum racing weights to 1,225 kg and 1,245 kg respectively.

Three cars have gained 10 kg: the Honda Civic Type R FK7/8, the Hyundai i30 N and the Lynk & Co 03, based on the performance of the cars in recent events.

It takes the minimum racing weight for those cars to 1,285 kg for the Hondas and Hyundais and 1,305 kg for the Lynk & Co cars.

There are no changes to the boost pressures for any of the cars, remaining as they were in the previous BoP update.

The newest car in the TCR world, the Chinese-built MG6 TCR, will run at Zhejiang this weekend without any BoP ballast but with 60 kg of compensation weight – the cars have not yet been homologated and thus will be ineligible to score points.

TCR BoP 4 July 2019
Graphic: TouringCars.Net