Esteban Guerrieri has ‘most enjoyable day of racing’ despite penalty

Esteban Guerrieri has ‘most enjoyable day of racing’ despite penalty

Esteban Guerrieri
Photo: Francois Flamand / DPPI

Esteban Guerrieri described Saturday’s two FIA World Touring Car Cup (WTCR) races on the Nürburgring Nordschleife as being ‘the most enjoyable day of racing’ despite receiving a penalty in race three.

Guerrieri started the day with victory in the reverse-grid second race of the weekend, getting the jump on pole-sitter Pepe Oriola to lead from the start of the race.

However, the Argentine racer was not happy with a penalty in the final race of the day, being handed a 10-second penalty for contact with Norbert Michelisz whilst battling for what was then sixth place.

“This has probably been the most enjoyable day of racing of my life; a great win in race two and a really fantastic race later on,” said Honda racer Guerrieri.

“The peak of the weekend was yesterday in qualifying when I managed eighth on my last lap with a leaking damper at the rear. That put me third on the reversed-grid and from there I was able to find a way to the front, build a gap where the Honda was at its fastest in the twisty sections, and hang on for my first win of the year.

“I’m hugely disappointed with what I believe was an unfair penalty in race three because as a team, we deserved the result, but the victory is what I will remember from this weekend.”

When asked about his penalty in the final race, Guerrieri passionately defended the move he tried on Michelisz, which saw contact between the duo and the Hungarian driver drop to tenth but able to continue.

“It’s funny because I had one of the best wins of my career but now I feel I don’t want to race any more basically, that’s the feeling,” explained the Münnich Motorsport driver. “I feel like I attempted very good moves.

“I enjoyed this race probably like I never enjoyed any other race but to have the decision on the paper just feels really bad.

“I was at the stewards just to share my feelings because it’s just really disappointing to be honest. All I can take from this is thanks God I do what I love and I’m really thankful to God to sit here in front of all these people and to have this chance which many other people and drivers don’t have, so I’m always thankful.

“But I’m a person of feelings and I race with the heart. When these things happen, like also with Tarquini on Thursday, I question why this sport that I love so much is so unfair.”