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Néstor Girolami ‘didn’t like’ decision to stop Main Race

Néstor Girolami says he ‘didn’t like’ the decision to abandon the main World Touring Car Championship in China, even though the Volvo driver conceded it was the right move.

Girolami started the Main Race from pole position and followed the safety car around for three laps before the race was stopped due to poor weather and a result declared, even though there had been no racing laps.

Even though half points were subsequently awarded, it meant that Girolami effectively scored 20 points for pole position, having been awarded 15 for the win and 5 for pole.

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With visibility clearly better at the front of the field than in the pack, Girolami admitted that whilst he respected the decision it went against his instincts as a racing driver.

“It was difficult; when you are leading you want to race,” said Girolami. “We did a fantastic job yesterday, which gave us the chance to fight for the victory.

“But you cannot control the weather, it’s impossible. It was getting worse and worse and darker. Even though I don’t like this decision I have to accept this decision because the conditions were really bad.

“We have to trust in the officials because they are taking care of us. From the lead, I could restart but for P15, for example, I am sure it must have been very difficult because you could not see anything at the back.”

After electrical problems in the Opening Race, brought on by the wet conditions, Girolami went on to claim a first-ever WTCC win in the most unusual circumstances.

“In history it can be good to win in the WTCC but I want to win a normal race,” added the 28-year-old. “Of course, I know I will have the opportunity to win a normal race in the future because we are back to fight for the races, we had the level yesterday.

“I have half points and this is good for Thed [Björk] for the championship. We keep fighting for Japan because the important thing for me is we came back to the best level possible. I am looking forward to the coming races.”

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