TCR UK takes step forward with MSA approval for BRSCC Series

TCR UK takes step forward with MSA approval for BRSCC Series

Photo: TCR Media

Plans for a TCR UK Series in 2018 have taken a step forward this week, with the MSA’s Motor Racing Championship Control Panel giving its outline approval for a championship in 2018.

The current plans will likely see a six or seven round series, with each event consisting of two races, as is the most common format in TCR Series’ worldwide.

The Series will be run by the British Racing and Sports Car Club (BRSCC). Former FIA Touring Car Commissioner Jonathan Ashman has been revealed as the promoter of the new TCR UK Series.

The UK joins a growing list of national championships around the world which have adopted the format, including Germany, Italy, The USA and Scandinavia.

“I have worked with Marcello Lotti since the TCR concept was launched, especially with regard to the arrangements with Formula One Management,” said Ashman. “This new adventure with TCR UK brings me back to my previous experience as a touring car promoter, which gives me plenty of motivation to repeat the earlier success.

“I’m also especially pleased to have an experienced and professional management team alongside me.”

The addition of the UK comes after much speculation earlier in the year, with another major European market also set to potentially adopt TCR in the coming year.

“I am delighted that a TCR UK championship becomes the latest addition to our already large family of TCR series worldwide,” said Marcello Lotti, CEO of TCR promoter WSC Ltd. “This is a particularly important achievement, because the UK remains the reference country for motorsport due to its concentration of engineering companies, teams and professional people.

“We are confident that the new series will be successful thanks to the long-standing British tradition for motorsport in general, with particular enthusiasm for the various touring car categories.”