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MG duo both pragmatic after race-ending collision at Hollywood

Both MG drivers have dismissed their race-ending collision at Donington Park as ‘just one of those things’ after the two made contact at Hollywood.

Daniel Lloyd went straight on at the Craner Curves before spearing right into the wall, whilst the sister MG6 of Aron Taylor-Smith returned to the pit lane with a puncture.

Taylor-Smith’s car will be repaired in time for the second race, whilst MG are working flat out to secure Lloyd is able to take the start.

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Speaking to after the race, Lloyd explained that contact to the rear from Josh Cook started a chain reaction that ended in a collision after Lloyd unknowingly turned across on his team-mate.

“It all kicked off – we were all grouping together and everyone was going defensive into Turn 1. I got a big clout up the backside from Cook, which put me and Jeff wide and started it all off,” he explained.

“Cook went through on the inside and was coming across, and then I felt a big bang at the rear which turned me around and caused the damage. I haven’t seen the footage properly yet, but I came across Árón and didn’t know he was there whatsoever.  We had a debrief just now and I asked him what happened. It was one of those things.”

Taylor Smith agreed the situation was simply a ‘mistake’, but hopes to reclaim lost ground should the rain begin to fall more consistently at Donington Park to create a wet race.

“It’s always a bit over complicated. To me, what happened was Dan went on the inside into Turn 1, and probably had a bit of a love tap from Josh, but to be honest this is what motorsport is, and that’s absolutely fine. The two of them ran wide and got a really good run coming out of Turn 1, got to the inside and I don’t think Dan realised that I was going to be sat there and he just tried to get across the front of Josh, and I just tagged him.

“I spoke to him, it was a complete mistake, he just didn’t see us and came across the front of the nose of the car – it was unfortunate.

“I just got a puncture, but Dan’s car was a little bit more unfortunate, which is a big shame.

“Dan unfortunately just didn’t see us – that’s all it was. When I spoke to him afterwards, he didn’t know that there was a car on the inside, which is the biggest problem there. It’s just a shame that it’s cost the two of us our race.

“I think if the weather turns south then it will be ten times easier, just because then it levels the playing field and we’ll go forward quicker. It’s a tough one, because we definitely had two cars capable of being in the top ten, which would have been a great start to the weekend. Unfortunately we’ve ended up with two cars that need a bit of TLC.

“It was just one of those things where we were on the same piece of tarmac at the same time. It’s not worth falling out over.”

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