Jack Goff pleased with fourth despite broken exhaust

Jack Goff pleased with fourth despite broken exhaust

Jack Goff suffered with a loss of power during the first British Touring Car Championship race due to a broken exhaust, but was pleased to take fourth on his Eurotech Racing debut nevertheless.

Goff, who started from the inside of the fourth row, was able to make an early pass on Andrew Jordan for sixth, before a retirement for team-mate and polesitter Jeff Smith elevated him and a pass on Rob Austin at Clearways completed a solid debut.

The BTCC race-winner believes his Honda Civic Type R could improve by a tenth of a second in the next race provided the issue is fixed.

He also attributed his improvement in pace during the latter half of the first race to being freed from a ‘bottleneck’ scenario behind other cars.

“I think we were just getting backed up during the first half of the race, there was definitely a lot more speed in the car,” he explained to TouringCars.net

“We had Jeff [Smith] in front on the soft tyres and I guess that was backing Austin up a little bit, then I had Jordan and Jackson behind me as well, so it was a bit of a bottleneck,

“We struggled in a straight line a little bit. The exhaust was damaged in that first race so I’m hoping that was the power issue. Hopefully we can rectify that,

“[It was hurting] down the main straight mostly and a bit up Hailwoods Hill. That was the main problem and then we could use the superior handling we have in the car. [We could go] maybe a tenth [faster] but it helps – a tenth is a tenth!”