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Edoardo Mortara “pretty happy”, but remains coy on Audi future

Photo: Audi Media CenterAudi Sport’s Edoardo Mortara held his head high after taking a fifth win of the season at the final race of the 2016 DTM season at the Hocknheimring, but the Audi Sport driver would make no definitive comment about a potential switch to Mercedes for the 2017 season.

The 29-year-old, who is now looking forward to getting back home to his wife and daughter, felt that his motivation to compete at the highest level in the series was due to some specific factors.

“It’s simple, and it’s the same for every race driver. It’s when you have a good car , which fills you with confidence and a good working group around you,” said the Abt Sportsline driver on the final day of the season, who also admitted that he was pretty happy with his campaign.

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“I’ve won three races this year from sixth, but in the DTM, to win from that position is pretty tough.”

Mortara was vocal about his concerns regarding some of the the tactics that were employed by members of the BMW contingent, stating that it was a “war” in the final race of the season.

“I felt like I was in the middle of the jungle, with all the BMWs trying to push me off out of the race, pure and simple.

“There were some unfair moves, particularly from [Tom] Blomqvist, but I see that he lost out in the race because of that, but it wasn’t very nice.”

Even though his car was damaged in the early goings, he was still able to make a break for it. He also remained in the lead of the race, after pitting at the same time as eventual champion Marco Wittmann, who dropped to seventh after a poor stop.

“All four corners of my car were gone, and it was very difficult to drive. I was still able to manage the car and win the race.”

When being asked about what could have been done better, Mortara was open about certain situations that had transpired over the past 18 races:

“I could have had some better races, as staying calm sometimes, but I am really proud, having won five races this year.”

The Italian, who has been rumoured on a potential switch from Ingolstadt to Stuttgart next season, remained tight-lipped, but talked about his next focus before the long winter break.

“First of all, my season isn’t over, as I’m going to Macau to battle for the World Championship in GTs, so from my side, you won’t get any answers from my side yet.

“You can take it any way you want, but the “thank you” message was more for the team for the season.

“They have been working so hard all year, against a BMW that had a wider rear wing and was lighter. We probably had the best car, and they did a really good job and I was massively grateful for driving such a great car.”

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