Live commentary: BTCC raceday at Donington Park

Live commentary: BTCC raceday at Donington Park

Senna Proctor / Power Maxed Racing / Vauxhall Astra & Mat Jackson / Team Shredded Wheat Racing with DUO / Ford Focus Round 2 2017 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship at Donington Park, Leicestershire. 15 April 2017.

Follow all of the action from raceday for the second round of the British Touring Car Championship season at Donington Park with our live commentary feed.

Live commentary by Andrew Abbott.

BTCC - April 16 2017

Live broadcasting started on 16/04/2017 10:41 and was finished on 16/04/2017 17:55

  • 17:55 pm
    That brings to a conclusion our live coverage for the weekend - plenty of reaction will follow later this evening and in the coming days.
  • 17:51 pm
    Updated championship standings after Donington Park - Shedden leads Ingram by four points:
  • 17:51 pm
    Here are the complete race results after a late and frenetic final race:
  • 17:47 pm
    17 - Shedden takes his second win of the season, ahead of Turkington and Morgan.
  • 17:47 pm
    17 - It's three abreast for the final podium place, and Morgan takes it after three into one doesn't go into the chicane, ahead of Sutton in fourth and Newsham in fifth.
  • 17:46 pm
    17 - Newsham retakes the final podium position from Sutton into Redgate corner on the last lap - a great move by a hugnry Newsham!
  • 17:45 pm
    17 - It's the final lap, and Shedden looks set to re-take the points lead by four points over Ingram if it stays like this.
  • 17:45 pm
    16 - Newsham now has his mirrors full of Morgan who is looking to take fourth off the Scot with just two laps to go.
  • 17:44 pm
    15 - Newsham makes a small mistake at McLeans which allows the Subaru driver past into third heading up to Coppice corner.
  • 17:43 pm
    15 - A minor change for the final points positions sees Austin move past Chilton for P14.
  • 17:41 pm
    14 - Sutton's Subaru is now all over the back of Newsham for the final podium position - can the BTC driver hold on for just four more laps?
  • 17:41 pm
    13 - Taylor-Smith restores some pride for MG by passing Cook for eighth into the Old Hairpin.
  • 17:40 pm
    12 - This is a controlled race for Shedden, who now leads Turkington by a comfortable 5.649 seconds at the front. Yellow flags in sector two for Lloyd's car.
  • 17:38 pm
    11 - Dan Lloyd goes off through the Craner Curves and into the Old Hairpin - the MG driver loses seventh and is out of the race in the gravel.
  • 17:36 pm
    9 - Eurotech's Goff passes Cook for eighth, it seems that Cook is struggling in the wet but drying (slowly) conditions.
  • 17:35 pm
    8 - Contact between Cook and Dan Lloyd sees Lloyd get past for seventh position. Both MGs are now in the top ten, with Taylor-Smith in tenth - a good situation given their race one shunt earlier in the day.
  • 17:34 pm
    8 - Morgan continues to move up the field with good traction in the wet, passing Ingram for fifth heading into the Craner Curves.
  • 17:33 pm
    7 - Ingram passes Cook for fifth into McLeans, witrh Morgan following past at the chicane a couple of corners later.
  • 17:32 pm
    7 - Collard is having to defend heavily from the MG of Taylor-Smith now, with Goff also looking to pass the BMW driver. Collard then runs wide at the Old Hairpin and drops a couple of places in the process.
  • 17:32 pm
    6 - Morgan gets past Collard for seventh into the chicane with a late-braking pass.
  • 17:31 pm
    6 - At the front, Shedden is opening up a lead of 1.611 seconds over Newsham already.
  • 17:30 pm
    5 - Morgan tries to pass both Collard and Goff around the outside at Coppice but can't make the move on both stick, although he moves up to eighth past Goff.
  • 17:29 pm
    5 - Shedden takes the lead from Newsham into Redgate with a move that was inevitable.
  • 17:29 pm
    4 - Shedden is pressuring Newsham for the lead, looks at Coppice but can't get past.
  • 17:28 pm
    The order at the end of lap 3:

    1 - Newsham, 2 - Shedden, 3 - Turkington, 4 - Cook, 5 - Sutton, 6 - Ingram, 7 - Collard, 8 - Morgan, 9 - Goff, 10 - Chilton, 11 - Taylor-Smith, 12 - Whorton-Eales, 13 - Lloyd, 14 - Proctor, 15 - Davenport
  • 17:27 pm
    3 - Shedden passes Turkington for second at the chicane with a well-timed late braking move.
  • 17:26 pm
    3 - The race resumes and Newsham leads from Turkington and Cook.
  • 17:26 pm
    Jordan is leaving the pits to rejoin the race, but down at the back of the field.
  • 17:25 pm
    Replays show Jeff Smith and Aiden Moffat also tangled at Redgate. Jackson and Simpson both went into the barriers. Whilst Jackson got going again, he has since pulled off the circuit. Andrew Jordan is also in the pits with the BMW up on jacks.
  • 17:24 pm
    1 - Mat Jackson and Matt Simpson are off at Redgate - Simpson has broken left-rear suspension. The safety car is coming out.
  • 17:23 pm
    1 - The race gets underway and Newsham leads into Turn 1, Turkington second but around the outside, before backing off.
  • 17:22 pm
    Will Burns is being pushed into the garage before the start
  • 17:19 pm
    The third green flag lap for the last BTCC race of the day finally gets underway. As it's no longer raining, the track could dry out quite a lot during the race - which adds another intriguing dimension to the race.
  • 17:18 pm
    With no Matt Neal in second, this now gives Colin Turkington from P4 a clear run to the first corner - Dave Newsham will need to watch out for the BMW driver at the start.
  • 17:15 pm
    Confirmed - scheduled start time of 18:19 so the cars will go off on another green flag lap in a moment.
  • 17:10 pm
    In positive news, it appears to have now stopped raining.
  • 17:10 pm
    Replays also show Tom Chilton had a huge slide in the first run through the Old Hairpin - the Vauxhall driver was very lucky not to lose the car more than he did.
  • 17:06 pm
    Neal is out of the car and in the Team Dynamics garage - his race is over.
  • 17:05 pm
    We're being told that Neal is not allowed to restart the race due to having received outside assistance - a huge blow for the Honda driver due to start on the front row of the grid.
  • 17:04 pm
    Matt Neal's car is now being pushed the wrong way into the pit lane exit - has he been denied the chance to take his original grid spot after receiving outside assistance?
  • 17:04 pm
    Replays show that Jeff Smith and Rob Collard made contact at the Old Hairpin on the original start.
  • 17:02 pm
    It's been an eventful day at Donington, which will culminate in the final BTCC race getting underway in anger more than 45 minutes later than originally scheduled.
  • 17:01 pm
    Chris Smiley is being pushed back into the pitlane for an unknown reason - so he won't be able to start from his 17th place grid spot, a real shame for the BTC Norlin Racing driver.
  • 16:55 pm
    The marshals have helped Matt Neal out of the gravel and he makes his way down the grid to take up his grid position, ready for the restart.
  • 16:54 pm
    It looks like this rain *could* pass within the next five to ten minutes potentially...
  • 16:53 pm
    Rob Collard, Jason Plato, Aiden Moffat, Jeff Smith and Ollie Jackson were some of the other drivers to go off at the Old Hairpin on the opening lap, along with one of the Team HARD cars.
  • 16:50 pm
    Matt Neal is being helped out of the gravel at McLeans by the marshals, but it's going to take a telehandler to get him free. All cars are returning to the grid - this should be a full restart from the original grid positions.
  • 16:49 pm
    1 - Matt Neal then aquaplanes off at McLeans, whilst at least four other cars go off at the Old Hairpin. The race is red flagged.
  • 16:48 pm
    1 - Matt Neal takes the lead from Dave Newsham at Turn 1. Gordon Shedden spins through the Craner Curves and a number of drivers go off at the Old Hairpin...
  • 16:47 pm
    Cars are lined up - a very wet final race is about to begin. A Subaru trying to enter the pits - it's Josh Price.
  • 16:46 pm
    32nd on the grid, Mat Jackson is allegedly reporting that its wet enough to need a safety car start - but that isn't going to happen as the cars line up on the grid now.
  • 16:44 pm
    Senna Proctor already struggling with the conditions as he goes straight on at McLeans on the first of two green flag laps.
  • 16:44 pm
    The cars are heading out onto the green flag lap - this is their first time in the wet all weekend, so it's very much an exploratory experience for the entire field.
  • 16:38 pm
    It is thoroughly wet at Donington Park now. First wet race since... Croft 2016?
  • 16:21 pm
    The Clio Cup race has finally been red-flagged after another incident at Coppice, so at least we can get on with the important business of the final BTCC race of the day now.
  • 16:16 pm
    BTCC race three has been pushed back further again - the pit lane will open at 17:30 BST now. Currently we're waiting for the last Clio Cup race to finish, which is behind the safety car due to yet another car ending up on its roof.
  • 16:13 pm
    The wind has picked up at Donington Park and a very large dark cloud is heading this way - it's just starting to rain and it looks like we could have a wet final race - just what Alan Gow ordered...
  • 15:50 pm
    The estimated start time for the final BTCC race has slipped back a little - the pit lane will now open at 17:25 BST.
  • 15:10 pm
    We're also hearing that the pit lane for the final BTCC race of the day will open at 17:18 BST, so the race should start at approximately 17:30.
  • 15:09 pm
    Race three will see the BTC Norlin Chevrolet of Dave Newsham start from pole after the top eight were revered. The provisional grid is:

    1 - Newsham, 2 - Neal, 3 - Shedden, 4 - Turkington, 5 - Cook, 6 - Sutton, 7 - Collard, 8 - Ingram