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BTCC race wins - Drivers

  Note: Data valid for period between 12th Apr 1987 and 27th Sep 2020
Rank Driver Wins Races Percent
 Jason PLATO9760616.0
 Matt NEAL637268.7
 Colin TURKINGTON5444612.1
 Gordon SHEDDEN4834713.8
 Yvan MULLER3620217.8
 James THOMPSON3629012.4
 Alain MENU3623315.5
 Mat JACKSON313389.2
 Andy ROUSE2710525.7
 Andrew JORDAN263607.2
 Fabrizio GIOVANARDI2415315.7
 Rickard RYDELL2117212.2
 John CLELAND182198.2
 Ashley SUTTON1813813.0
 Tim HARVEY162526.3
 Anthony REID151858.1
 Rob COLLARD155112.9
 Tom INGRAM151987.6
 Tom CHILTON143793.7
 Frank BIELA135026.0
 Joachim WINKELHOCK136420.3
 Robb GRAVETT131588.2
 Gabriele TARQUINI128514.1
 Laurent AÏELLO102638.5
 David LESLIE92204.1
 Will HOY91894.8
 Adam MORGAN82583.1
 Sam TORDOFF81744.6
 Steve SOPER8839.6
 Tom ONSLOW-COLE71983.5
 Dan CAMMISH7789.0
 Dan EAVES61454.1
 Josh COOK61683.6
 Paul RADISICH61324.5
 Rory BUTCHER5905.6
 Darren TURNER5756.7
 Jack GOFF52252.2
 Árón SMITH41532.6
 Phil BENNETT3644.7
 Aiden MOFFAT32071.4
 Luke HINES3863.5
 Warren HUGHES3466.5
 Rob AUSTIN32341.3
 Stephen JELLEY31681.8
 Andy PRIAULX3496.1
 Tom KRISTENSEN32412.5
 Gareth HOWELL3983.1
 David SEARS2666.7
 Paul O'NEILL21711.2
 Jeff ALLAM2812.5
 Kelvin BURT2852.4
 David NEWSHAM21831.1
 Rob HUFF2336.1
 John BINTCLIFFE2762.6
 Mike NEWMAN1432.3
 Derek WARWICK1751.3
 Win PERCY1185.6
 Roberto RAVAGLIA1323.1
 James NASH1811.2
 Tom OLIPHANT1781.3
 Giampiero SIMONI1362.8
 Mike O'BRIEN1352.9
 Daniel LLOYD1452.2
 Gianfranco BRANCATELLI11100.0
 Tim SUGDEN1631.6
 Ollie JACKSON12310.4
 Tom BOARDMAN11390.7
 Julian BAILEY1701.4
 Frank SYTNER1551.8
 Mike SMITH1303.7
 Senna PROCTOR11080.9
 Alan MORRISON1761.3
 Chris SMILEY11230.8
 Frank WRATHALL1901.1
 Robert SPEAK12
 Jerry MAHONY1352.9
 Matt SIMPSON11200.8
 Jake HILL11320.8
 Kieth O'DOR1671.5
 Peter HALL1147.1
 Tiff NEEDELL1343.2
 Mike JORDAN1971.0
 Dennis LEECH1333.0
 James COLE11500.7
 Laurence BRISTOW1561.8
 Peter KOX1601.7
 Steven KANE1601.7

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