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Colin Turkington BTCC race wins

  Note: Data valid between 14th Sep 1986 and 15th Nov 2020   See Colin Turkington complete race results.
Year Rd Circuit Entrant Car Time
200316Brands Hatch IndyMG Sport and RacingMG ZS31:09.023
200415Mondello ParkWest Surrey RacingMG ZS31:00.567
200513CroftVX RacingVauxhall Astra Sport Hatch16:06.290
200517Mondello ParkVX RacingVauxhall Astra Sport Hatch26:59.042
200612ThruxtonTeam RACMG ZS26:45.270
200618Donington Park NationalTeam RACMG ZS24:44.034
200710CroftTeam RACBMW 320si22:06.494
200714Oulton Park IslandTeam RACBMW 320si32:24.747
200724Brands Hatch IndyTeam RACBMW 320si23:54.998
20083Brands Hatch IndyTeam RACBMW 320si26:35.148
200813CroftTeam RACBMW 320si4:07.301
200814CroftTeam RACBMW 320si26:24.098
200820Oulton Park IslandTeam RACBMW 320si22:23.153
20095ThruxtonTeam RACBMW 320si28:38.018
200910Oulton Park IslandTeam RACBMW 320si22:14.262
200911Oulton Park IslandTeam RACBMW 320si22:17.878
200913CroftTeam RACBMW 320si19:07.119
200914CroftTeam RACBMW 320si22:08.861
200918SnettertonTeam RACBMW 320si30:33.757
20136Donington Park NationaleBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport19:16.593
201314CrofteBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport22:20.699
201313CrofteBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport21:46.663
201320KnockhilleBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport21:30.213
201319KnockhilleBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport26:41.180
20143Brands Hatch IndyeBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport24:21.546
20149ThruxtoneBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport30:13.931
201411Oulton Park InternationaleBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport26:49.013
201410Oulton Park InternationaleBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport20:49.803
201414CrofteBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport21:32.413
201413CrofteBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport20:08.824
201423Rockingham International Super SportscareBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport22:47.650
201422Rockingham International Super SportscareBay MotorsBMW 125i M Sport27:07.926
20155Donington Park NationalTeam BMRVolkswagen CC22:58.065
201516SnettertonTeam BMRVolkswagen CC23:46.381
201517SnettertonTeam BMRVolkswagen CC23:51.149
201527Silverstone NationalTeam BMR RCIB InsuranceVolkswagen CC27:03.506
201610Oulton Park IslandSilverline Subaru BMR RacingSubaru Levorg GT21:56.702
201613CroftSilverline Subaru BMR RacingSubaru Levorg GT29:56.374
201616SnettertonSilverline Subaru BMR RacingSubaru Levorg GT23:46.178
201628Brands Hatch Grand PrixSilverline Subaru BMR RacingSubaru Levorg GT25:56.267
201629Brands Hatch Grand PrixSilverline Subaru BMR RacingSubaru Levorg GT28:52.932
20176Donington Park NationalTeam BMWBMW 125i M Sport23:56.681
20179ThruxtonTeam BMWBMW 125i M Sport20:56.728
201714CroftTeam BMWBMW 125i M Sport21:48.750
201729Brands Hatch Grand PrixTeam BMWBMW 125i M Sport23:27.896
201811Oulton Park IslandTeam BMWBMW 125i M Sport22:04.333
20194Donington Park NationalTeam BMWBMW 330i M Sport27:52.990
20195Donington Park NationalTeam BMWBMW 330i M Sport27:00.899
201913Oulton Park IslandTeam BMWBMW 330i M Sport29:34.083
201914Oulton Park IslandTeam BMWBMW 330i M Sport30:27.871
201917SnettertonTeam BMWBMW 330i M Sport23:47.421
20202Donington Park NationalTeam BMWBMW 330i M Sport24:44.051
20205Brands Hatch Grand PrixTeam BMWBMW 330i M Sport32:37.235
202017Silverstone NationalTeam BMWBMW 330i M Sport21:26.293
202022SnettertonTeam BMWBMW 330i M Sport23:50.231
202023SnettertonTeam BMWBMW 330i M Sport30:02.296